Who am I?

I am a product of East and West :) My mother is from West Germany and my father fled the East legally. The different political systems, my father's experiences with the Stasi and other perspectives have definitely influenced me.

Before I devote myself to one thing intensively and for a long time, I prefer to try out many things. In my childhood I was involved in more than 10 sports clubs, today, it is the many ideas and goals I am pursuing for my life.

After my high school graduation I rejected the possibility to go abroad because I didn't dare. Later, through numerous stays abroad, I had the opportunity to learn more about myself and what it means to be German - the privilege it entails, the prejudices and advantages.

During my studies, people often asked me if I wanted to be a politician because I was studying political science. I certainly learned to look at complex issues in a nuanced way, but I find it rather more difficult to create a political opinion these days. 

Over the last decade, I have invested a lot in my personal development and have tried out various areas of responsibility in the student organization AIESEC. I suddenly understood much more about how looking inside (reflection) is the key to changing behaviors and shifting mindsets.


After stumbling into a monastery in Northern Thailand in 2015 with no idea or prior knowledge and having my first experience with meditation for 4 days, I understood how change and awareness can only come from within myself. A mindful life is important to me. I am always trying new things, whether meditation, yoga, breathing exercises, etc. I believe that the world would be a better place if we as humanity were more mindful.


The passion to work with people is a common thread in my life and one of the reasons why I pursued further education in areas such as knowledge transfer & trainings, educational sciences, recruitment and learning.


In my last position, I led the identification and recruitment of employees in a Berlin-based digital coaching startup.

My thoughts about the bike trip

What do I want to experience?

I paint some amazing moments and images in my head, such as the loneliness and endless landscapes of the Caucasus or the rising hot air balloons on the Cappadocian horizon. What also excites me a lot are the real encounters with the local people and animals. By traveling long and slow, I hope to connect more closely with what I experience on the spot. I hope to have an adventure with many unexpected situations, not a well-planned long-term vacation. This will often be uncomfortable, but I firmly believe that I will draw the most insights and memories for my life from the situations with intense emotions. 

What do I want to give back? What contribution do I want to make?

During my time at Soi Dog in 2015, I was totally impressed by the work of the organization and the positive impact these animals had on me. After doing a little more research on the issues and situation of street animal populations, it was clear to me that I wanted to contribute to positive change. The creatures we drive for usually have no voice. They are beaten, hit or dragged on roads and people often don't give a damn about what happens to them. I want to give a voice to the voiceless during our trip and highlight the challenges of street animal populations, as well as point out solutions. With the money donated, we can finance a mobile unit to provide medical care and holistic population containment and effectively save lives. This is what drives me.


What fears do I want to face?

The situation of being stuck in the middle of nowhere without food and water because all supplies have been used up scares me just as much as the possibility of getting seriously injured abroad. In addition, there are the fears of abrupt changes in weather or dangerous situations associated with altitude sickness in the Himalayas...

Before the violence of the (beautiful) nature, I have thus more concern, than from the encounter of new cultures and people. I have a certain basic trust and confidence in human kind.


In the end, I want to face my fears in order to be more alive and to learn a lot from them. I firmly believe that the long road of travel prepares us well for the possible dangers and fears and reduces my threshold of happiness.


How do I want to personally develop?

I am known for making plans, developing strategies and being very determined. Getting rid of all that would be a big but important challenge for me. In English, I would be described as "driven". Sounds positive, but the German word "getrieben" also reveals the downsides. On the bike journey, I am excited to find a way to better cope with my inner critic and inner drivenness. There will be many ups and downs that feel like setbacks. I'd like to use these situations to grow and embrace them to see the spontaneous opportunities and draw strength from them, rather than being rigid about the plans I've made in my head.

More equanimity, enjoyment in the small moments of life and self-love sum it up well I guess :)


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